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David Rust Carpet

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On the Old Yellowstone Trail:

Mysterious Happenings in Yellowstone
by William C. Edwards

On the Old Yellowstone Trail:

This novel takes place in the Yellowstone area around 1900 where mysterious things have been happening in Yellowstone National Park. The protagonist (Deacon Quist) is an investigator who has been sent from Minnesota to secretly investigate what is going on in the Yellowstone area.
The storyline is fictional, however, some of the places exist and some of the people mentioned existed.
This novel will appear in a series of consecutive issues in the “Park County Community Journal.”




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Livingston Film Series presents CRAZYWISE

Livingston Film Series presents CRAZYWISEClick to read full article

Healthy Lifestyle Program Offered by Livingston HealthCare

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LIVINGSTON, MONT. – Livingston HealthCare is offering Lifestyle Balance classes starting in March 2018. Lifestyle Balance is a group lifestyle change program aimed at helping individuals who are at risk of developing diabetes, and those who have metabolic syndrome or high cholesterol.
The Lifestyle Balance classes are taught by a trained team which includes...

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February 1st, 2018 edition

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