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Trails Rx Grant Approval and Run

Livingston, MT – July 24, 2014

Trails Rx Grant Approval and Run


Livingston HealthCare received funding from Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks through the Recreational Trails Program Grant to build a multi-purpose connector trail from their New Hospital and Clinic Facility to the Myer’s River View Trail. The trail will add a valuable wellness component to the new $43.5 million facility currently being built on the east side of Livingston, which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2015. “This trail will be a great addition to the healing environment of the new facility,” said Bren Lowe, CEO of Livingston HealthCare.

A 0.4 mile trail will be built off of the backside patio of the New Hospital and Clinic Facility, follow LHC property toward Highway 89, and curve onto the adjacent City of Livingston property to the current Myer’s River View Trailhead. The City of Livingston will provide an in-kind contribution of labor and equipment for the section that lies on city property.

The 8ft. wide and handicap accessible trail will share the same recreational scope as the Myer’s River View Trail and will be made of the same material to provide cohesion. “We are thrilled this trail will connect to the existing Myer’s River View Trail. This project highlights a strong partnership between the City of Livingston and Livingston HealthCare and expands Livingston’s already outstanding trails system,” said Ed Meece, City of Livingston Manager.

This connector trail will be one of

the many exciting amenities the New Hospital and Clinic Facility will have to offer Livingston HealthCare patients, staff and guests. As the largest employer (305 employees) and largest healthcare facility (average of 6,000 patient encounters/month) in Park County, this trail will give a large number of both patients and employees access to physical fitness opportunities. The trail will provide space for patients to undergo additional outdoor rehab, for employees to walk or bike during their lunch hour or breaks, and for family members to venture past hospital walls for needed fresh air and respite.

The connector trail and Trails Rx program is a collaborative partnership between the City of Livingston and Livingston HealthCare. Trails Rx is a wellness initiative that aims to change the way Livingston HealthCare Doctors are prescribing exercise and improve the health of Livingston residents. The Trails Rx program extends beyond doctor’s orders, and invites all Livingston residents to recreate on the City of Livingston Parks and Trails System for a happier and healthier city. On Sunday, August 31st, the inaugural Livingston Trails Rx Run will take place at the Northside Park & Soccer Fields in Livingston. A Kid’s Run, 5K, and 15K are being offered; the 5K and 15K are chip-timed. All proceeds from the run benefit the Trails Rx Program, and outdoor community events and programming. To register, please visit or call 406-222-8155.











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