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Mammoth Roundup by the Yellowstone Gateway Museum

Yellowstone Gateway Museum


The Yellowstone Gateway Museum in Livingston is creating a mammoth exhibit specifically showcasing our Park County mammoth finds. This exhibit will be open to the public beginning in the summer of 2019.

This interactive and artistic exhibit will engage our school students, citizens, and visitors alike on Park County prehistory, climate, mammoth anatomy, lifeways, and behavior.

We are asking for donations of mammoth bones, tusks etc. found in Park County to add to our collections.

When US Highway 89 South was constructed in the early 1960s the cut along DePuy’s Spring Creek turned up a lot of mammoth bones—most were collected locally and a few were donated to our museum collections. Two

mammoth teeth were also donated from the Shields Valley area. If you have such artifacts or know someone in Park County who would like to donate their mammoth items to further our museum’s mission to preserve, interpret, and educate people about Park County natural history, please call 406-222-4184 and talk with Paul or Karen, or leave a message.

If you find this new exhibit exciting and would like to help support this endeavor you may consider becoming a sponsor. Please contact the museum for more information, 222-4184.

The Yellowstone Gateway Museum’s mission is to “preserve and interpret the cultural and natural history of Park County, Montana and its relationship to Yellowstone National Park.”