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An exhibit featuring James Weikert opens Friday August 24th at The Frame Garden during the Livingston Art Walk 5:30 to 8:00.

Weikert is an artist living in Bozeman, Montana.  A background in architecture gives him a unique perspective of the forms, colors, and patterns present within the places he explores.  He incorporates these elements into his illustrations and paintings to create bold interpretations of familiar landscapes. 
“My intimate connection with the natural world began with the rural environment of my youth - the forests, rivers, and peaks of New Hampshire’s north woods.  Now in the northern Rocky Mountains, my work continues to be inspired by exploring and interacting with the built and natural world in which I live and play. During my creative process I transform memories of my explorations from snapshots of static landscapes into living, moving compositions. A background in architecture helps to give me a unique perspective of the forms, colors, and patterns present within the places I visit.

The way I incorporate these elements into my paintings creates bold interpretations of familiar landscapes.

“My creative process begins with a series of quick sketches that capture the emotions and feelings that make a

landscape special. Sometimes I work from photographs; however, I prefer using only my memory as it allows me more freedom in composition and less focus on realistic representation. Having no formal training in fine art other than the few courses I took while in college, my technique grew organically out of trial and error with only the tools I had available.  Using the oil paint as a wash, I construct my paintings background to foreground mimicking the layering found in nature. I apply the colors in a single layer directly on a bright white surface.

This gives the paint a transparency and vibrance, creating the effect of backlit stain glass. To complete each piece, I reinforce edges and boundaries with bold black lines, further emphasizing form and pattern and giving my work a unique graphic quality.

“Creating art gives me a sense of freedom I don’t find anywhere else.

There are no rules when I start creating. It’s just me, my ideas, my paints, my and brushes. My art is more than a creative outlet. Painting allows me to step outside the boundaries and demands of daily life.  I don’t need to please anyone, fit within a budget, or meet any deadlines.  My work is driven by the way that I see the world, and how I am able to communicate and share my perception.”