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News & Views Around Paradise Valley

by Joyce Johnson

Cranes on top of the cottonwood trees at Emigrant fishing access.


The Eagle’s View

I lately visited Emigrant Fishing Access, walked around the island, took pictures, got a crick in my neck from rock-hunting, and to respect privacy, politely circled wide around a man and his child and dog at the shore. I heard my name and turned and oh for petessake, it’s my neighbors whom I hadn’t seen for a year. The child had grown the proverbial foot and I did not recognize either of them under their hats, but we were out of context and it’s a funny thing about the island. People can share the place and yet be all alone too. I had my needed spot of solitude, and a really nice encounter with friends.

Cranes were nesting on top of the cotton wood trees. Their prehistoric silhouettes (like pterodactyls) blend in with the branches and leaves. I didn’t recognize them at first either, until they got active and their size and weight made those treetops sway. But when the great eagle showed up it caught my breath. I tried to catch a picture but it flew so fast overhead I got dizzy trying to frame him and almost fell butt first on that rocky beach, and only captured empty pure blue sky. So sitting here at home I envision a great guardian eagle...soaring high above the land, scowling down on us as usual, likely focused on trout for lunch, and then sounding off in that mystical ageless high pitched whistle that so speaks of mystery. And so I am going to share some ideas that I’ve been chewing on lately that reassure me or distract my state of mind—that I hope will fly for you too.

This is an interesting philosophy: that the serious challenges we face now, according to very old Shamanic, and East Indian teachings, are just cosmic and impersonal lessons designed to teach us what we need to grow, or awaken us to the next level of truth. Sometimes the lessons get fierce because truth is so profoundly important and we have gone way off track into chaos of disunity and ignorance. That means “to ignore” as well as being uninformed. We learn slow, or don’t seem to learn unless it is in our face, over and over, getting bigger over time, until we can’t ignore it...until things seem down right “evil.” Many are hands on learning that not only does it feel better to keep mind off evil, but to keep
peace inside, required for health and

sanity. Informed but ignore it! Rub head pat belly. I feel a giggle trying to surface.

It’s getting so very old.

Sparks off the ol’ campfire – Imagine our fur-clad early peoples huddled around the glowing, life saving, mystical fire surrounded by the cold black night. They heard distant and...very near growls and shrieks and probably the terrifying sound of crunching dinosaur feet approaching.

A study revealed that T Rex was around only 20 to 30,000 years ago, and running around after man. Early man knew some terror,... and we have T Rex don’t we, still, in the form of T-errorists.

But meanwhile back at the campsite, our primitive relatives squatted around the fire and the dogs grrrred deep in their throats and woofed nervously. The fire kept the T Rex away at night (didn’t it?) while the men grunted and told each other stories with body gestures.

Pictures appeared in the their minds and like magic it was all somehow understood. They lived in the Now. The fire of life was reflected in our caveman’s eyes. How magical, peaceful, empowering and uniting it could be around the old campfire some nights. We are still those Hunters and Gatherers and must keep that fire going. Keep on reaching and caring for one another, with respect and good manners; share our scary and funny stories, inventions, and ideas, successes and errors because it stimulates man’s brilliance, teaches and raises us together. So maybe this summer gather together around campfires, or potlucks, and don’t sneer at meat dishes if you’re a vegan, or the nuts and berry entrees if you are paleo (that’s fun) still. Okay?

Birds of a feather - So in my imagination I now flap my arms and screech like Eagle, master of the Air element. Birds are timeless symbol in our art, of the rising soul of man. This is the stuff of expanded consciousness people talk about, but new thought? No, very old, and everyone’s option however we wish to interpret it. Whether the world of mankind will succeed in rising above the conflict within our nations, or individually one by one, the fire in the heart that makes us live and laugh and love, will lift us off and soar. It’s a done deal.